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The Religion of Freemasonry The Religion of Freemasonry

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Prayer in the Masonic Lodge Prayer in the Masonic Lodge

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Freemasonry's Plan of Salvation Freemasonry's Plan of Salvation

Separate but Equal Brotherhood Separate but Equal Brotherhood

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The Temple of God The Temple of God

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For nearly 300 years the Masonic Order has been a highly influential global organization. Most people have been led to believe that Freemasonry is good because of its philanthropy and popularity, even among celebrities many of whom have historically been among its ranks. Many people have been drawn into it because of this, as well as for its antiquity and mystique. However, the Internet has now been very successful in removing the 'mystique' from Freemasonry, which at one time was one of its greatest assets.

While there is nothing particularly wrong with celebrity, philanthropy, popularity, and even antiquity in and of themselves, they are no excuse for heresy. Masons and their leaders argue that Freemasonry is not a religion but merely a fraternal body that seeks to "make good men better," and therefore should be viewed as a complement to any religion, including the Christian faith. In the name of tolerance, they claim that Freemasonry unites men & women who would otherwise remain separated because of the differences in their social, political, and religious views.

As Christians, we are to communicate the truth in love. Unfortunately, most of our former Masonic brethren find it difficult to understand how we still love them after leaving the lodge to take part in a ministry opposed to its teachings. We love them nonetheless. The truth of the matter is, Freemasonry espouses universalism, embraces religious pluralism and has effectively created a unique syncretistic religion. As such, its teachings are incompatible with biblical Christianity. It is therefore inconsistent for any Christian to be involved in the Masonic Order. The love in the matter is the fact that it is Jesus Christ who unites men & women who would otherwise remain separated, not only from each other socially, politically, or religiously – but more importantly – from God eternally.

Contrary to popular Masonic opinion, even prominent Masonic authors, most of whom are Masons themselves, admit the fact that Freemasonry is a religion. More importantly, Grand Lodges, which are the highest authority of the Masonic Order, govern all subordinate lodges within their respective jurisdictions, and they issue authoritative documents which describe and give instructions for the religious practices of every Masonic lodge in the world.

What's more, we who have once practiced the art of Freemasonry have developed this web site, and others, to testify of our firsthand experience, and confirm that it is undeniably a religion. The Key Issues listed here will demonstrate how the religious teachings of the Masonic lodge violate, assault, and undermine biblical Christianity. We are primary witnesses in the Christian case against Freemasonry, and are compelled by the love of Christ to be used by Him to help rescue those who have been fooled into its insidious grip. We are here to expose the deception of its teachings and to proclaim the truth about the true light of the world – Jesus Christ our Lord (John 8:12)!

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