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How Former Masons Can Join Our Ministry

If you were once a practicing Freemason and would like to join our ministry, we only have three simple requirements. Every member of the Order of Former Freemasons must:

  1. Be in agreement with our Mission Statement, Charge and Statement of Faith
  1. Submit an email of your letter of resignation from your former Blue Lodge, including its name and street address
  1. Submit an email copy of a brief testimony of why you left the Masonic Order. Please include a list of all the Masonic Degrees you received, along with the names of the temples and their location. Our email address is:

Keep in mind that just as our Christian testimony can help influence non-Christians to consider the gospel of Jesus Christ; our Masonic testimony can help influence Masons to renounce the teachings of Freemasonry. After we have received these items, we will send your FREE certificate of honorary, life-time membership into the Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.).

Although it cost you nothing to join O.F.F., in doing so, it is given that you are an Ex-Mason for Jesus. Therefore never forget, that for you & me to join the family of God, it cost Jesus everything – it cost Him his life! And, the only thing necessary for the deception of Freemasonry to continue to triumph over the minds of interested Christians is for Ex-Masons for Jesus to sit back and do absolutely nothing. So ask yourself, "Given my time, talent and treasure, what am I willing to contribute to the cause of Christ for this ministry today?"

As it relates to your treasure, members are encouraged to consider the dues they once gave to the Masonic lodge, and think about contributing all or part of it to support the ongoing financial needs of our ministry. As the Lord leads you to give cheerfully, please make checks or money orders payable to the Former Freemason Foundation and use the use the following mailing address to send your tax deductible donations:

O.F.F. International Headquarters
65 Pinewoods Drive
Sanford, NC 27332
Who... What... Where... When... Why... How...
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