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How to Be a Partner in Our Ministry

How to Be a Partner in Our Ministry


While Jesus paid the ultimate price for us all (Matthew 20:28), the gospel and the gift of eternal life through faith in Him is free (Romans 6:23).  Nevertheless, in all honesty, the needs of any ministry require ongoing financial support.  To achieve our mission, it often requires travel and lodging.  While we ask the hosts, who request us to be guest speakers, to pay for our travel and lodging expenses, not all are able to afford the cost.  Therefore, in those situations we have to pay our own expenses.  The same is true to host this website, as well as the other administrative costs associated with operating our ministry.

Yet if we must, we are willing to pay all of this out of our own pockets whenever we can afford to and, by the grace of God; we have done so on many occasions.  In return, the Lord has enabled us to see marvelous results from the ongoing work of this ministry, to His honor and glory.  However, there are times when we have to turn down requests, simply because we cannot afford the expense.  This is where you can help.  By supporting our ministry prayerfully and financially you are partnering with us in our mission to reach deceived men and women of the Masonic Order and are helping to inform and warn the Body of Christ of its heretical teachings.

The Lord has commanded all believers to go into all nations and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). The members of O.F.F. are missionaries sent forth into the hidden mission field of Freemasonry. While the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few (Matthew 9:37-38) and everyone cannot afford to go into the mission field for Christ sake. But all of us can afford to contribute something of our time, talent, or treasure. The question is where is your heart at? (Matthew 6:21)

If it is in the right place, being led of the Lord, then take part in a creative way to propagate the good news of the Gospel, by supporting this ministry on a regular basis. Because we handle the financial resources of our ministry according to the highest standards of integrity, you have the confidence that your tax deductible gifts are being used to the glory of God.

As a token of our appreciation, for your gift of $30 dollars or more, we want to offer you a CD of "What Goes On Behind the Closed Doors of the Masonic Lodge" from the John Ankerberg Show.  This gift is a sequence of six programs dealing with the first three degrees of Freemasonry, the Blue Lodge, where key portions of the ritual are re-enacted and explained in the light of Scripture.

This series has been used to lead many men out of the Masonic Lodge, including the founder of the Order of Former Freemasons. It will serve you as an invaluable resource and witnessing tool. It is offered as our way of saying thank you for your financial support.

To order your copy today, simply fill out the form below and send your tax deductible gift to:

O.F.F. International Headquarters
65 Pinewoods Drive
Sanford, NC 27332

Please type any comments below, as well as your monthly financial commitment. For gifts of $30 we want to offer you a CD of "What goes on behind the closed doors of the Masonic Lodge." Allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery after receipt of your financial gift. Thanks again for your support, and may God richly bless you as you pray and give.

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