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What we are NOT

The Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.) is not:

  • An "anti-mason" organization
  • A group of Conspiracy Theorists
  • While we do believe that the Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching, we are not "fundamentalists" as defined or depicted by contemporary media
  • On a "Witch Hunt"
  • A hate group
  • A group of "Religious Intolerants"
  • A greedy group of self-serving, "money hungry" Charlatans
  • A group of "Fanatical Extremists."  The root word for "fanatic" is "fan," and while we are indeed fans of Jesus, we do not impose the Gospel on anyone and certainly do not commit, condone, or advocate violence and hostility of any kind to promote the cause for Christ.
Who... What... Where... When... Why... How...
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