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Who Are We?

The Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.) is an evangelical, discipleship crusade of Christian men who were once members of a Masonic Lodge, or one of the appended bodies such as, the Order of the Eastern Star, the York Rite, the Scottish Rite, or the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

We have left Freemasonry because of our commitment to Jesus Christ and a realization that the religious principles taught by the Masonic Lodge are not consistent with Biblical principles, which support the Christian faith. We have found that participation in Freemasonry interferes with a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is very important to note, however, that we do not renounce the man or woman involved in Freemasonry; on the contrary, our heart felt love goes out to each and every one of them. Why, because we recognize that he or she has been deceived. As such, they are either a brother or sister in Christ (if they are truly Christian), or they are candidates for eternal salvation (if they are not Christian). Therefore, our purpose is to make it very clear, that our issue is against the religious teachings of Freemasonry, not its members.

Our prayer is for Masons to be led into an accurate and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives, and Savior of their souls. Our desire is to encourage them to renounce Masonic principles and through Biblical education, help them develop a Christian worldview. Our hope is that they may become Disciples of Christ, and that their lives reflect Him, while they fulfill the Great Commandment, and the Great Commission – to know and love God, and to share His love within their sphere of influence.

Finally, since we have been conferred the rights, lights, and benefits bestowed upon members of the Craft, yet now choose to renounce the teachings of Freemasonry and be "OFF" rather than "from", in order to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ and His Word, it stands to reason that we would be called the Order of Former Freemasons (O.F.F.) and Ex-Masons for Jesus. So if ever asked again, "will you be off or from?" our answer will be, "I'll be O.F.F.!"

Who... What... Where... When... Why... How...
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